Coordinated action against stockx

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2021.10.20 06:39 againststockx Coordinated action against stockx

Stockx easily scam us, stole us or cover the stolers.Since they make us loose money, let’s make the same. Who’s up for a coordinated action against them? You need phone numbers( free Lyca or lebara is good) and create as many accounts you can, then print as much as label you can, and then send them what you want. They pay for package send troughs ups, plus the waist of time of the employees, paid for checking empty package. At the end I’m sure we can make them loose so much more than what the took from us. Hit me if you ok with my plan
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2021.10.20 06:39 LeopoldLamintschka Macro / Split by header in Word

Hey guys,
I really hope you can help me.
First off, I have basic PC understanding but no programming experience.
I work as a Sales Manager in Tourism and we get Product Manuals where all of our tours are listed with the necessary information. Sometimes we only need to send a specific tour to an agent, so at the beginning of a new season we always take out the single tours from the whole manual and save them separately.
A pesky task, so I searched for a macros in the internet that would simply split the document after every new header. I found the following in a German IT forum:
Sub SplitHeadingLevel1() Dim rng As Range Dim sStyle As Style Dim oDoc As New Document Set sStyle = ActiveDocument.Styles("Überschrift 1") Set rng = ActiveDocument.Content With rng.Find .Style = sStyle.NameLocal .Execute Do While .Found = True rng.Select rng.Bookmarks("\HeadingLevel").Range.Select Selection.Copy Set oDoc = Documents.Add (Template:="Dokument.dotm") oDoc.Range.PasteSpecial .Execute Forward:=True Loop End With End Sub
Now it works with most of our manuals, however one manual has an issue and starts looping and ultimately crashes.
I have no idea why, the format of the document is very similiar to the other manuals.
If you need the document to find out why, I´m afraid I can´t do that as there are some sensitive informations.
But if you could help me find out what the issue is I´d appreciate it.
I even offer to PayPal 15€ for anyone who can help me out.
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2021.10.20 06:39 Retailist $GOEV investors after Tony Tequila’s spiel at Reuters Automotive. Next catalyst in 2 days 🚀🚀🚀🔥🩳

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2021.10.20 06:39 EthTraderCommunity Research Firm Launches $1M Bounty to Uncover Tether's True Backing

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2021.10.20 06:39 annietaylor1 What to do when he broke up the relationship and now a month later he is back and wants to rekindle everything?

I was an still am quite heartbroken. We were together 4 years and I really love him i never had such a great connection with anyone, and it happened when he started working full time.
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2021.10.20 06:39 camo447 75 player pick op

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2021.10.20 06:39 0_infinity_0 My results for 4 axis test

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2021.10.20 06:39 Haunting_Mix_8268 Ispettore Giraldi da Bucarest

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2021.10.20 06:39 Finboror Flag of vexillologycirclejerk in the dtyle of McDonald's

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2021.10.20 06:39 svanapps Facebook Launches Digital Wallet Novi, Lawmakers Urge The Company To Stop It

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2021.10.20 06:39 Effective-Twist-918 Sp00ky season (sadly, not mine and i just found this in the wild)

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2021.10.20 06:39 Azrael1256 meme

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2021.10.20 06:39 ainu011 Frontend devs for an ecommerce solution

As part of Crystallize, you will be joining the product engineering team to create the UI for our blazing-fast GraphQL based headless commerce.
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2021.10.20 06:39 Golf7850 30 years ago, My dad and i met the most scariest thing

(English is not my natives language, I'm actually came from Southeast Asia [Laos]) . I had a nightmare last night, those bad memories never let me go away.. it's been like 30 years ago and still haunted me till these day. Here's the story.. . When i was a kid, I used to live in the small village far away from the city in Southeast Asia. There ain't many people there, I mean.. i'm pretty sure that there're only like 30 people lived here. I lived with my parents, grandma, my sister, brother and my dog. . In morning, Me and my dad always the one who went out in morning to gather firewood or food in the wood. (In case if you ask why did you need firewood? back then we didn't have electricity, We only used fire for a light source) both of us carried the basket on back and went out . Like usual, I gathered the resources we need, my dad hunted down the animals for foods. After the whole days, we got out of the wood, followed the path and had a bit of conversation like how much stuffs we had gather until my dad completely stop walking . "Father? Why did you stop all the sudden?" i said . He's still freezing, his eyes focused on the thing behind us. I was so curious so i turn around and my heart just went down the my toe.. . "Is that...a person?" I asked my dad, still no response back from him. . He's tall, thin, his clothes ripped, wore the shan hat, carried the basket on his back . Sounds normal right? But the thing which scariest is.. "His face is a skull" . All immediately, My dad grabbed my arm and started to run like crazy. I didn't even react or ask him what happened.. it was like we needed to get away from that thing . We reached the entrance of the village, he waved both of his hands in the air and shouted out like his lung gotta come out . "HE'S HERE, EVERYONE GET TO THE BUNKER!" . All sudden, Everyone ran all around like crazy. The bell started to ring, people left their stuff and headed to the same direction. My dad and i went to the house and told everyone to get to the bunker . Everyone in the village reached the entrance of the bunker, It has been covered with board made of bamboo and leafs attached on them. One of them open the entrance and told everyone to get inside there, it took like 15 minutes for all of us to get in before they closed the entrance... . "Listen , We need to stay and sleep in here till morning. Do you guys understand?" One of village members said . I still curious what is happened, I asked my family members about the thing that's coming but nobody tell me. Until my dad came up and said "We will tell you tomorrow son" after that everyone went to sleep.. . The next morning, My dad got out of the bunker to check that everything is alright and told everyone. All of us got up from the bunker and headed back to their own house.. i started to ask everyone about what's happened last night. then my mom told me a story . "10 years ago, All people in this village went disappear without a clues. Only person who's alright is "Kham" (He's our village headman) he described that before he headed out of the village to get into the city, He saw the mysterious guy walked toward to the village and after he came back everyone just completely disappeared out of there.. since from that Kham started to build the bunker, prepared for that thing again" . I glad that i wasn't one of its victim, but i feel bad for those who gone without coming back. But there's still a question that remained to these day.. . "What's that thing and Why is it doing this?"
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2021.10.20 06:39 duvetdozer (Serious) do you believe that your school gave you the right financial education? And why?

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2021.10.20 06:39 KoNeko_05 How did i get healing

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2021.10.20 06:39 Busy-Schedule-6991 ospf neghbor goes down

hello, can any one help me , i want to set an alert for ospf neghboring changes in librenms. the idea is to change the queries of DB of librenms , instead of deleting the neghbor from the database i want to change the state to down only
can anyone guide me or help me is it possible to change the DB of librenms
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2021.10.20 06:39 Turbojesus97 Dating in a New Town

Hey Reddit,
Hope everyone's having a good night/day. Thought I'd seek some dating advice from people. So, I am a 23M, and I'll be turning 24 soon. I recently just went through a pretty bad breakup. My gf of 3 years cheated on me, and I've been pretty down about it. Soon, I'll be moving up to Chicago as I've really got nothing keeping me here. I've got a big boy job lined up, and I think things may be looking up for me in the future. Regardless, what I really want to ask here is how I can get into dating. I've never really been big into it, but my last relationship has taught me that I'm not a fan of being single, and I think I finally want to give dating a serious shot. I don't really have any social media because I think it gives you brain rot, but I want to find a way to put myself out there and maybe start dating once I get settled in the new town. So I guess the long story short of my question is how do I start dating, and how do I go about meeting people in a new city? Any advice would be appreciated as I am a total noob as far as the scene is! Thanks ahead of time!
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2021.10.20 06:39 rza422 What do you think of this look?

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2021.10.20 06:39 crokket_travel We would like to show you our Namibia Road Trip video. This 4 weeks and 5'800km road trip through Namibia was by far the most beautiful we have done so far. Currently highly recommended, you will feel like you are the only tourist in the hole country!

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2021.10.20 06:39 Potatasium Legally launching an NFT (Non Fungible Token) project

I guess I am looking for someone with crypto knowledge on this one!
I am planning to launch an NFT project with a friend. We have commisioned some generative art from a Fiverr artist and we are doing some promotions on TwitteDiscord about our launch date where we will sell several of these arworks. All of these is done on Web 3 with crypto coins (Solana if that matters). My friend and I appear as anonymous to the buyers.
Just to be clear, this is not a scam, several similar projects are launching every day and end up making serious money.
Whatever profit I gain out of this (may be significant), I would like to convert to actual £ and register in my self-assessment.
My worry is, is there any legal step I am ignoring here - do you need to be registered as a company to sell crypto art?

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2021.10.20 06:39 appsaraby المشاط تبحث مع رئيس البنك الأوروبي محاور الاستراتيجية القطرية الجديدة للفترة من 2022-2027

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2021.10.20 06:39 Sanchooque How much is there to update in Ashes?

I've seen it many times that people say 'No plans for bringing Ashes up to date at the moment'. Question is, just how much is there to change? Maybe I'm mistaken, but couldn't Nisei make a list of things that have to be updated and give it to the players who really want to see Ashes updated, so they do it instead (if it's that time consuming for N. itself) and collaboratively finish it in a couple of months? Thanks for your answers in advance!
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2021.10.20 06:39 Commandercaptain [H] PGA Tour 2K21, October/Sept/August Bundle, Telltale Games Bundle, Hitman 1 GOTY, Hitman 2 Gold Edition, Superliminal, Styx Shards of Darkness, Ghost of a Tale, Europa Universalis IV, Generation Zero, Little Big Workshop, Psychonauts 1, Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor and others [W] Paypal

If paying with goods and services, any paypal fees on you (4.4% + 0.30 cents)
Please comment first before PMing.
Almost all my games are Region Free, the very few that are not (usually Asia region locked) i make sure to specify.
Telltale Games Bundle (Steam Keys)

Best Of Stealth (Steam Keys)
Jackbox Bundle (Steam Keys)
Steam Keys
June (One Choice Remaining)
SGS rep (85+ trades completed)
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2021.10.20 06:39 Savage_Vandal316 Old UKG classic tunes

Hi all. I know most of the top classic ukg tunes are mainly on vinyl, but where is it possible to get it on MP3....can't seem to find them?
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