Gehaltseinschätzung Fullstack Entwickler Süddeutschland

2021.10.20 07:03 Old-Contribution5638 Gehaltseinschätzung Fullstack Entwickler Süddeutschland

Da ich auf diversen "Gehaltsportalen" sehr widersprüchliche Angaben zu einem angemessen Gehalts eines Fullstack Entwickler gefunden habe (45k - 90k) würde mich interessieren was eurer Meinung nach ein "vernünftiges" Gehalt für einen Fullstack-Entwickler bei 40 Stunden mit folgenden Aufgaben bzw. Kentnissen ist:

Die Stelle ist in Süddeutschland (Nicht München und nicht Stuttgart).
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2021.10.20 07:03 BackDiscombobulated5 Mattos New car

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2021.10.20 07:03 Mr-Lin1258 [QC]Nike dunk Kentucky M batch from Weidian ZHEN---300 please give your opinions😀 thanks

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2021.10.20 07:03 jayykw SW/SH Version Exclusives

Hey guys, I'm looking to trade my Shield version exclusives for the Sword version exclusives (in particular: Larvitar to Deino, Goomy to Jangmo-o, Galarian Ponyta to Galarian Farfetch'd, Drampa to turtonator, Sableye to Mawile, Vullaby to Rufflet, Throh to Sawk and Eiscue to Stonjourner).
Let me know if you can help me out, almost finished my Dex! :)
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2021.10.20 07:03 Geero_Is_drawing Starmerluzz ⭐️ per altri sketch @geero.jpg su instagram ✌🏻

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2021.10.20 07:03 littlegreengoblin05 Does paracetamol blunt the immunity brought on by COVID-19 vaccine?

Hi! 24F here, Asian, 5'6, 130 pounds, previous history of Covid-19 infection (June 2021).
Was reading online and read that taking a painkiller before the vaccine is a big no-no. But what about after? I was worried a paracetamol might lessen the effects of the vaccine on me, but after my 1st Moderna dose, my side effects were so bad, I took one. I still experienced pretty bad side effects though.
My second dose wasn't as bad but I did develop a slight fever. I didn't want to take paracetamol but my mom, who was taking care of me, was really concerned and made me take two. Still had mild side effects after, but definitely not as bad as the first. Now I'm worried about efficacy. Does paracetamol blunt the immunity brought on by the vaccine?
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2021.10.20 07:03 AnarchyOSS Twitch studio cosmetic setup guide ?

Is anyone aware of any guides, or video tutorials that go through some baby steps on how to start building scenes that don't look like an absolute beginner ?
Some stuff like how to make nicer frames, new follower ticker, top tips, how to make the scrolling chat nicer etc.
I am currently using the default 3 scenes that Twitch provide, but would like the ability to edit and personalise a little. Thank you!
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2021.10.20 07:03 BrogansWay Simon's Gibson | Gin Cocktails | Brogan's Way Distillery, Richmond

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2021.10.20 07:03 mjmilian Red Dwarf is full of inconsistencies, plot holes, situations that require suspension of disbelief and we love it for it. But what's the one thing that bugs you the most?

One of mine is that the was enough food to sustain the evolution of cats into Felis Sapiens for over three million years.
Even then there were still 4,981 irradiated haggis left over!
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2021.10.20 07:03 LookItsShotgun All my homies hate Mirage Revamp (Sandstorm)

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2021.10.20 07:03 Front-Main2363 👀❤️💦

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2021.10.20 07:03 New-Delay9492 Question on the iyoyo shooting star

Is the shooting star a good yoyo, i heard it was a very good plastic yoyo, even better than some metal yoyos that way more expensive.
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2021.10.20 07:03 DeletedsUser Ghostwald - This is week 3 of the halloween contest, this is Grindelwald (interpreted by Johnny Depp in the movie) as a ghost

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2021.10.20 07:03 Btcasicmachine Where can buy m20s m21s miner?

If you want to buy m20s or m21s can via our company website.
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2021.10.20 07:03 Lando249 Curiosity post, in hope devs may see it and perhaps take into consideration.

What updates would console players prefer the most?
I've suggested a few below, some may/not be possible.. I'm not sure what the limit on things are.
Personally I'd like new maps, something more varied. A few ideas could be caves and underground areas, cliffs with bridges, partially submerged towns, more verticality etc.
Feel free to add your own suggestions, curious to see what people come up with. And yes, I know DayZ on PC has what I'm looking for but my pc isn't a gaming rig so, I'm just hoping console doesn't get left in the dust.
View Poll
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2021.10.20 07:03 Mauti404 Conso gaz / élec

Je suis au tarif gaz réglementé (jusqu'en 2023 de ce que j'ai suivi). Je paye actuellement 75€ de mensualité, sachant que tout est au gaz chez moi (chauffe eau, chauffage, feu cuisson, juste pas le four). Je paye aussi 30€ d'élec par mois, chez EDF. Je suis en appart, au RDC, j'ai 50m² avec un agencement en U (donc j'ai pas de pièce centrale. J'habite dans une ville moyenne. En hiver ma conso de gaz est moyenne de 1700 kWh, et en été plus dans les alentours de 250 kWh. En sachant que :

J'ai aucune idée si c'est une consomation normale ou pas, tout les comparateurs ont l'air d'être un nid à pubs. J'ai reçu hier un joli message de mon fournisseur de gaz qui me suggèrait de monter les mensualités à 125€ par mois pour éviter de payer 400€ à la fin de l'année en compensation (perso je préfère payer les 400€ à la fin de l'année). Je sais que je consomme plus que la moyenne et j'ai l'impression de payer pas mal niveau gaz + elec, mais disons que 125€ de mensualité ça va commencer à faire vraiment beaucoup.
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2021.10.20 07:03 Sacri_Pan Girl crying over her dog being sold

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2021.10.20 07:03 Massive_Dinner 🐶SHIBA BLACK 🐶 | Boost! ⚡️ | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes 🚀 | LP Locked 🔒 | 🔥 Small MC 🔥 | Marketing More Later Today! | Coinsniper First Page! | 10+ Hodlers

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2021.10.20 07:03 SnooCauliflowers146 Steamunlocked

Should i trust steamunlocked? I installed celeste and when i run it windows defender finds it as a trojan. Is it actually a trojan or was it false?
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2021.10.20 07:03 Abyss2030 For anyone with a felony - and help from others with felonies

I have seen so, SO much confusion and misinformation regarding this topic, and I wanted to post this so other people can really objectively look at their career choice before becoming invested and falling in love with it like I unfortunately did. There is NOTHING worse than being rejected by a profession that you find fulfilling, and I honestly needed to vent about this before I start balling at work. i also wanted some advice, if any, regarding changing states.
If you have a felony, be prepared for the fight of your LIFE.
For perspective, my felony has a not guilty verdict, and is from 2011. It was a drug charge. I started my nursing career in 2018.
A lot of people think, "It's been 7 - 10 years, my record is clear!" I can change my life and be the person I was always meant to be!
Welcome to the police state that the Unites States has become thanks to the war on drugs, and the private business that runs our legal systems.
*FBI has entered the chat*
The problem and confusion I happen to see here is the TYPE of background check. Schools do typical livescan which won't pick it up in most states after 7 years. The problem then is that the Boards use a state and federal background check so REGARDLESS of the amount of time that has passed, they WILL see your felony regardless of expungement, not guilty verdicts, any time that has passed. So congrats, the school gets paid, and you get fucked, which is what happened to me. I was absolutely honest with both my school and the Board btw, since if you lie about a felony, most schools will kick you out halfway.
As someone who went through all of this personally, let me tell you I barely even found it worth it just because of the emotional toll - and I am no snowflake by any means. I had to go to a private school -expensive!- just to be accepted, then I had issues with clinicals, and then finally after passing with VERY high scores, top of my class, my felony from almost 10 years previous that I was found not guilty for, the nursing board denied my license. I had to sue them (appeal their decision) pay almost 15k for a lawyer, and even though they changed their mind and gave me my license, my license was immediately revoked and reinstated (which means I have a permanent mark on my nursing license, so now hospitals won't hire me and I am lumped in with elder abusers and people who steal meds, wonderful), I was placed on 3 years of probation with the board, so drug testing 3 times a month ($70/ea OOP) that was observed and completely random (so traveling is not gonna happen), and every job I worked for had to be contacted by the Board officially and receive paperwork on my performance in every aspect 4 times a year and be approved before they would allow me to work.
If that doesn't sound so bad, let me enlighten you: I had a manager get angry with me for calling out (once in an 8 month period, with a doctors note, and related to COVID no less) and try to write me a bad report once - specifically because we had grown to be friends I thought, and he KNEW I would get in trouble! Trust me, the places that will usually hire you with a license on probation are worse than most entry jobs and endanger your already precarious license. I jumped jobs more in the last 3 years for my physical safety than I ever did in my whole life. My first job ever was with a chain of homeless shelters that provide medical services -sweet right? WRONG. I am a small 5'5" female barely a buck twenty with inmates that come straight from jail with no meds literally swinging, and with NO security. I was cornered and almost attacked multiple times and quit when they refused to hire security for my night shift. The Board still acted like I was the asshole for not wanting to work there XD
I have since completed my 3 years of probation, and even managed to get off early for being quite literally PERFECT, which required a full Administrative hearing which, if you don't know the difference between that and a criminal hearing, required me to cross examine my own witness. I had run out of money by this point, and I couldn't hire another lawyer, so I stumbled humiliatingly through the proceedings and luckily had a VERY understanding Judge. Also, to get off probation perfect, I had to quit three jobs to avoid insane write ups, (as seen above) which someone must have snitched about because they don't allow you to neglect previous employers on paperwork anymore. You will also be restricted from most jobs that would make you decent money outside of a hospital, so no home health, registry, or hospice.
Thought I was home free? So did I, and we are both wrong.
I now cannot get in to ANY RN programs. Imagine the competition to get into these places, and then add this felony? I may have a high TEAS and GPA, but I am currently deciding if I will be changing careers; I actually will be forced to if I want to make more than a McDonalds manager in 5 years since I am an LVN. I live in California too, so its a very democratic 'forgiving' state and I still had the BVNPT run a train on me. If I can't get into an all online school where I can bypass their clinical requirements to have absolutely 0 felonies 'on paper', then I am officially giving up, regardless of my prereqs that will go to waste in the next 5 years.
Also, don't under estimate the hatred from some of your fellow staff. If meds go missing and your management slips up and tells people your history (trust me, they will since you won't be able to work with reputable companies), YOU will be automatically blamed. I was, and it happened on my fucking day off! I of course submitted to drug testing and moved on, and luckily I have a thick skin, but add that to the stress of being treated like scum by the Board and your management and you see why most people quit and don't do the probation.
You are repeatedly encouraged to forfeit your license btw :) oh, and getting licensed in another state to avoid probation does not allow them to run concurrently, it will pause and you will after a certain amount of time forfeit your license in whichever state you are not practicing in.
I went through 3 years of probation with a state Probation Officer because of my drug felony, and that was EASY compared to the psychological torture inflicted on me the last 3 years. I take psych meds for depression too, nothing fancy just Wellbutrin that I've been on for years, and they make you write on your quarterly reports that your managers must sign all the meds you take. HIPPA violation by the board? Oh, the IRONY! One of my managers then went and told a coworker "Don't worry, that dope fiend is crazy on meds anyway." and told me to my face, "Are your meds working? Your being a pain in the ass." I had a job where I asked for a shift change but management said no to me, because, "Doing the paperwork for the board for you is annoying, we were actually in the process of replacing you." which was 2 months after I started. Oh, and the Board will repeatedly threaten your employers with fines of $10k+ too, so they are really eager to keep signing forms for you. Most of my write ups (actually all 3 from this 3 year period) were after the Board sent emails like this to them and my employers wanted me gone, which I had to evade by quitting on the spot. I moved in with friends and lost my place so I would be perfect on probation :) I haven't had consistent insurance in years. I have scraped by watching my contemporaries make $30 an hour where I could only get jobs because I beat the competition by allowing myself to be low-balled. "We are excited for you to join the team, and hope that you understand the risk by hiring you makes $18.50/hr an acceptable compromise."
You can be mistaken for thinking that my life would have improved since getting off probation, and now we are getting to the really depressing bits.
I was so hopeful after finishing this hell of probation I started prereqs for my RN, and now realize that I may have wasted my time and energy entirely.
NO RN program will accept me. NONE. I have applied for every. single. Insane option (including west coast, who said no too after stringing me along with admissions reps trying to get their bonus for 4 months) and I was about to give up when I met the man who may be the love of my life. He's a marine, and being nurse with a now unencumbered license seems like a dream because I in theory should be able to work anywhere. The beauty of nursing is travel contracts, 12 hr shifts, helping people, and the ease and freedom of an open well paying job market.
I am now trying to apply out of state, but my paperwork they requested is starting to turn ugly. I have applied for an LPN license by endorsement in Washington since their Boards there are a single entity and won't have the pitfall of separate boards with separate opinions on me that Cali does, so I figured maybe if I do school there and they accept my licensure they will almost certainly issue me an RN license.
Except the schools there seem to have a worse opinion of me than here, and still have the issue of waitlists without the bonus of there being more of them. Some schools here at least let me try and apply so they could see where the paperwork went, but the schools in Washington that have gotten back to me have told me no in no uncertain terms.
Now I am afraid their Nursing Board will not issue me a license, and I may lose my bf if I am not willing to give up my career where I am licensed or change careers.
I don't know what to do at all.
What started out as an informative post has gone off the rails a little, but there you have it. If you want a constant uphill battle to removes the bonuses of nurses entirely, definitely give it a shot.
If anybody lives in Washington and can advise me on their Boards opinion of felons, let me know.
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2021.10.20 07:03 im_not_Joshua6 Just want to show a collection of photos

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2021.10.20 07:03 JerkyAndy Naughty laundry

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2021.10.20 07:03 0lympu5 Finally watching a popular show starter pack

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2021.10.20 07:03 That-Artichoke1262 Moto z2 not usb tethering to ps3

I know it's all a little old fashioned today, but it's what I can afford. Can anybody help me out? It gives me the option to turn it on but it turns itself off as soon as the switch flips over. Pls help
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2021.10.20 07:03 directrixho Elvish Ranger from Alliances... Why is Version A worth 6 times as much as Version B?

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